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7011 Dixie Drive Houston,Texas 77087 - Phone: 713-645-6560

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractor

Physical Address: Texan Electric Key Personnel Texan Electric Mailing Address:
7011 Dixie Drive Texan Electric Texan Electric P.O. Box 266388
Houston, Texas 77087 Texan Electric For General Information Texan Electric Houston, Texas 77207-6388
Voice: 713-645-6560 Texan Electric email: Texan Electric FAX: 713-645-6566

Texan Electric Company, Inc. is an Electrical Contractor incorporated in the state of Texas since September, 1982. Licensed Electricians located in Houston, Texas.

Texan Electric Co., Inc. License No.: 17124 Regulated by The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation - "License.pdf"

National Electrical Contractors Association

Texan Electric Company, Inc. is not just another electrical contractor. Texan Electric Company, Inc. has over 29 years of experience in the electrical contracting business. Our management staff has a combined 346 years of experience and our field employees are licensed, well trained, knowledgeable and take pride in their work. When the job must be done right, Texan Electric Company, Inc. is the electrical contractor you want for your Industrial and Commercial electrical needs.